The standardized copy-typing task in Inputlog measures and assesses individual typing fluency from different perspectives. The task has been developed across different languages and their related keyboard layouts.


Reference Corpus : The current website allows you to analyze, visualize, and also download a carefully collected corpus of copy tasks. You can use the entire corpus or you can filter it according to your own needs. This corpus can be used as a reference corpus.

Your own copy tasks / corpus : This website also allows you to upload your own copy task(s) collected with Inputlog, analyse and visualize the data, and also compare them with the reference corpus.


  • Under the Analysis tab, you can analyze the (filtered) reference corpus or your own copy task.
  • Under the Corpus Statistics tab, you can compare the data from your own copy task(s) with the (filtered) reference corpus.


Different visualisations options and filters are provided to explore and compare the selected data. You can also download the plots.


  • Van Waes, L., Leijten, M., Roeser, J. Olive, T., & Grabowski, J. (2021). Measuring and assessing typing skills in writing research. Journal of Writing Research, 13(1), 107-153.
  • Van Waes, L., Leijten, M., Pauwaert, T., & Van Horenbeeck, E. (2019). A multilingual copy task: Measuring typing and motor skills in Writing with Inputlog. Journal of Open Research Software, 7(1:30), 1-8.


Cite As

Van Waes, L., Vandersmissen, B., Rossetti, A., & Leijten, M. (2021). Inputlog Copy Task Corpus: Exploring and defining typing skills (1.05) [Data set]. Zenodo.


Luuk Van Waes, Mariëlle Leijten, Jens Roeser, Alessandra Rossetti, Mark Torrance, Benjamin Vandersmissen


EARLI WritePro-project: "Developing methods for understanding early writing through analysis of process dysfluencies." (promotor: prof. Mark Torrance)

Filter the corpus used for analysis based on different criteria
The following options can be used to select the data sources for analysis and comparison.